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There are 3 phases to the life of a Profitable Blog

  1. There’s the START phase when you’re just learning WordPress and have questions about how to install and setup and then use the WordPress Admin to configure your blog with different plugins and themes.
  2. Once you’ve got the hang of it blog owners will work tirelessly on the BUILD phase.   That’s the time when you start to customize WHAT you’re blog actually does and HOW it looks.
  3. Finally there’s the GROW phase – that final BIG step when you have to stretch and cross the chasm to actually generating real income from your WordPress Blog.

Starting, Building and Growing a WordPress Blog is hard work – and you will have issues!

That’s why each Wednesday we do a live WordPress Help Call.

It’s a chance for you to call in and ask a WordPress Experts Anything about your Blog!

These calls are available to anyone who uses WordPress, you’ll find the call details in the WPHomeroom.com Class Calendar.

Live WordPress Support Call In Details

These calls aren’t scripted.   You aren’t going to sit through a boring slide deck with little or no valuable information being presented.   It’s just answers to your questions.

So make some notes, get your questions ready.    If you don’t have time take advantage of all the free WordPress Courses available for you in the WordPress Video Tutorials packed into the WPhomeroom site.  Start Learning WordPress Now

We do these types of call on a regular basis.  If you have any questions at all feel free to join us on this next call, every Wednesday at 1 PM (Eastern).

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