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Attracting Sponsors for Your Live Event

By James Maduk | Sep 17, 2018

There are many different places you can locate potential sponsors for your events. You can approach customers, vendors, complementary businesses, or even corporations to become sponsors for your event. Know Your Audience – With everything you do, understanding who your audience is will help you plan better events based on the needs and interests of … Read more

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Earning Money Before, During and After Your Live Event

By James Maduk | Sep 14, 2018

The best part of planning and hosting a live event is that you’ll have so many opportunities to earn revenue.  You can make money on ticket sales, t-shirts and premium swag, books, advanced product sales, and even pre-sale tickets for future events. In addition, you can sell recordings of the event itself to attendees and … Read more

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Finding and Hiring Help for Your In-Person Live Event

By James Maduk | Sep 13, 2018

When you make the commitment to have a live, in-person event, you’re going to need help. It doesn’t matter if you plan your event in your own home town or if you’re traveling to a faraway location, hiring an event planner and others will save you time, money and headaches. In addition, you can always … Read more

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Live Event Planning: Understanding Your Audience

By James Maduk | Sep 12, 2018

The first rule of creating products, a new service offering, or of planning events is to understand your audience. This is true no matter what business or market you are in. You must be connected with the pulse of your audience to know in advance whether or not they can afford your event, want and … Read more

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Tips for Having a Successful Live Event

By James Maduk | Sep 11, 2018

Having a successful live, in-person event requires a little more work than a webinar or teleseminar but they are much more profitable and fun. Sure, they take a bit of planning, but if you follow these tips you’ll be well on your way. Have a Clear Objective – Your first need is to have a … Read more

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3 Easy Steps to Creating Your First Product

By James Maduk | Sep 10, 2018

For coaches in nearly any field, product creation is the best way to: Reach a wider audience Grow your brand Earn more profits So why aren’t more coaches adopting the product creation strategy? Like you, they’re stuck in the process, unsure of the steps to take to create a great product. Step 1: Identify a … Read more

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How to Scale Your Coaching Business to Earn Unlimited Income

By James Maduk | Sep 7, 2018

It’s an undeniable fact. When you trade hours for dollars—whether you’re a business coach or a brain surgeon—your income potential has a cap. There are, after all, only so many hours in the day. You can only book a limited number of coaching hours and VIP days. Of course, you can (and should) be raising … Read more

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How to Easily Graduate From Coach to Product Seller

By James Maduk | Sep 6, 2018

Coaching is an awesome career. You get to spend your time helping people achieve their goals in a very real way. It’s exhilarating and oh-so-rewarding! But at some point, you begin to ask yourself, “How can I reach even more people? How can I help more people reach their goals?” The answer? Create and sell … Read more

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The Hot Selling Program You Can Create In an Afternoon

By James Maduk | Sep 5, 2018

How many partially completed products, books, and group coaching programs do you have sitting around on your computer? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the answer is a resounding “far too many!” And frankly, the reason you have all of those incomplete books and programs isn’t because you don’t know your subject, or because you’re a … Read more

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