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An Investment You Shouldn’t Make

WordPress came out with Version 4 recently.

It’s one of their biggest updates ever… making major changes to how it admin panel looks and works for everyone who Blogs.

WordPress has changed a ton since I started Blogging.  I got started in 1999 with “LiveJournal” and opened up one of the earlier “Blogger” accounts – 2001 well before WordPress existed!

But almost 13 years ago Matt Mullenweg’s hack of an open source software called B2 has taken the world by storm and become THE standard when it comes to building web sites.

Almost 25% of the world top 10 million websites run on WordPress!

70 MILLION + now depend on WordPress to run their sites and there’s thousands of new ways to extend and tweak WordPress sites being introduced each month.

Why does this matter to you?

Just running a business is overwhelming.  Add to that keeping up to date and getting WordPress to work the way you want it to is a Big Hassle.

Ever find yourself…

  • Struggling with your WordPress “about” page, sales page, home page, etc.
  • Frustrated that you can’t get visitors to join your newsletter?
  • Trying to figure out what social media to use and how to add it to your WordPress site?
  • Wasting time getting the text in content you add to look right?
  • Lost understanding what you have to do for better Google rankings?

This is time spent away from your customers, the people that pay you, is killing your chances for success. Learning how to do all this stuff yourself is an option… with a limited return on that precious investment.

An Investment You Shouldn’t Make

Because we’ve been there since the beginning we’ve got 15 years of Blogging experience – 11 Years with WordPress!

We’ve seen every WordPress version, tested, tweaked and broken more WordPress sites that you could possibly imagine and fixed thousands of WordPress related issues.

It takes a lot of time & money to learn how to take full advantage of powerful software like WordPress, but that’s been our investment – and one that you don’t have to make.

You’re The Boss – You should be delegating the WordPress stuff.

Get Unlimited WordPress Support, Small Jobs, Tweaks and Fixes!

Let us do the stuff the wastes your time or forces you to learn all the techie work that may scare you – our WPBlog Support service does unlimited WordPress Small Jobs, Tweaks and Fixes done by WPBlog Support Experts.

We’ve got you covered 🙂

Sure you can learn it by yourself, here’s a link to 30 WordPress Video tutorials we created.   But ask yourself after watching all 4 hours of step-by-step video instruction.

What is my time worth?

Our goal is to remove the hassle and frustrations that come along with ANY powerful Software like WordPress and let you focus on what you do best.

Spend more time helping your customers.

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