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WordPress Bloggers Ignore This Skill At Your Own Risk

Don’t Learn This Skill At Your Own Risk!

After 30 years in business and 19 years of running my own Internet Marketing business I’m still surprised by lack of respect for the most basic of business skills.

What skill am I talking about?

Unfortunately whether online or offline most people will say NO – or reject completely you and your offers.   During tough economic times, this can reach as high as 95% or even 98%. (I’ll bet you already know this from experience, don’t you?).

But still you know or have heard about those rare entrepreneurs who, despite fierce competition, rack up incredible numbers?

What’s more amazing is that it doesn’t matter that the economy is bad and theirs is the highest-priced product in the category — they sell and sell and then sell some more.  Rain or shine, they can sell like crazy. They just don’t have a slow month, week or even day. And what’s more — they make it look easy.

Wondering how they do it?

It’s that forgotten skill – the art of persuasion.  Selling skills, sales training and a basic understanding of facet to face, person to person influence skills are mandatory for success.  Even if you’re selling on a web site – you’re still selling!

Bottom line is that if you don’t have the fundamentals covered (persuasion and influence skills) your’ SOL.  No matter how fancy your WordPress Blog is and what cool plugins and themes you’re using.

Personally  I was lucky enough to be taught by a master persuader early on in my career.  The two years I spend working with the legendary Bob Proctor and his Face to Face Selling Skills gave me a unique perspective on how people actually decide to act.

If you’d like to find out more about how Bob Proctor’s sales training influenced me checkout the Speed Selling Course at https://www.wpgrow.com .  It’s jam packed with a simple step-by-step sales system that makes sales happen fast.


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