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A Secret My Mom Never Told Me

By James Maduk | Jan 24, 2005

Over the next little while I’m going to share 52 Secrets with you. These secrets consist of ideas, processes, tactics and principles that do one thing – Show You How to SELL MORE. If for some reason you don’t need any more money, or perhaps you have too much business already, follow the instructions at …

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SMO-01: Pick The Right Niche

By James Maduk | Apr 27, 2004

Niche Marketing Start your business the right way – Pick The Right Niche! Duration: 14 Minutes Description: Still struggling with this “niche” thing? Do you have a bunch of keywords picked out but still aren’t sure that you’ve got a winner? Do you want to make sure that the business that you’ve picked has the …

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WordPress Install Options

By James Maduk | Jul 5, 2001

Here are your options for installing WordPress:  The original videos in this series included a complete step by step manual install of the WordPress software on your web hosting account. Yep I removed them! A partial list of the steps required for a manual install isn’t for the faint of heart and does require some technical confidence. A manual WordPress …

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