DNS - Domain Name Servers


Stands for "Domain Name Service" and is one of the core underlying protocols of the entire Internet! It's what translates nice human-rememberable names like wpblogsupport.com into computer-understandable IP addresses like!

When you get your domain hosted at a web host, they maintain your DNS so that your site is available on the entire Internet. One thing you have to make sure though is that you have told your domain registrar that your domain is being hosted by your web host.

To tell your registrar that you need to have the NAMESERVERS set to:

  • ns1.mysmallbizwebhosting.com
  • ns2.mysmallbizwebhosting.com

If you register your domain with us, then you won't have to worry about any of this; we'll set it up the right way automatically!  If you want to view your current DNS settings for any domain that you have registered with us login to your members area at  https://wpblogsupport.com/members/ and click on the domains menu.  Select any of the domains listed to view or edit the DNS settings.

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