We get frustrated too!

As much as I'd like to say there are never any WordPress issues at WPBlogSupport.com  I'd be lying.   We run into many of the same issues you do running a WordPress Powered Business.

Last week was no different.

The good news was that it wasn't WordPress related but it's still a good example of what can happen when you're trying to integrate various services, plugins and software to your site.

Here's What Happened

Let me set the stage first.

  • We use an installed piece of software called WHMCS on our main site to take care of our billing and support.
  • We use Office365 email services to send and receive our messages
  • Our WHMCS software is integrated with Office365 email so that any mail sent from billing and support is sent through office365 and anyone who sends and email to help or support at WPBoguspport will automatically have that email turned into or appended to a Support Ticket.

Last week regular maintenance updates to Office365 and the WHMCS software changed the way the two pieces talk to each other.

We were still getting WordPress small jobs and fixes requested by members who logged in the members area but.....

Emails being sent out by our Billing and Support software stayed in a que.

Emails YOU sent we're being received a our Office365 account for help and support @wpblogsupport.com.  BUT none of these messages were being added to the ticketing system.

So we just saw a drop in ticket requests and you didn't see any messaged indicating there was a problem with the requests you had been making.

This setup has been working like clockwork for over 2 years but a regular update caused them to stop working together.

... this is the exact same type of issue that happens on WordPress Sites each day when WordPress, WordPress Plugins and WordPress themes are updated  - stuff breaks!  Worse yet sometimes you don't know it's broken until a customer or client tells you.

Think about it for a second and you'll soon realize that the more plugins and themes you have the greater the chances of a single update breaking your site.

Add to that any additional tools and 3rd party resources you use and you can see how important it is maintain your site with at least 1 of our WordPress Help and Support Plans.

All Fixed

I'm happy to say that after a bunch of testing and time consuming tweaks to both services our email is working correctly.

If you need help send an email support@   or help@ wpblogsupport.com and YES it will open a support ticket!

You'll even get an email reply back from the Billing and Support software saying that we got the message and we've open or updated the ticket for you.

Sorry for any trouble this may have caused.  Unfortunately this is Business and any online business including ones powered by WordPress aren't immune.

Monday, August 29, 2016

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