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Step One :

Optimize Up To 3 Keywords

A webpage with a focused theme tends to rank better on search engines. Amplify your content’s thematic signal for better search ranking by optimizing up to 3 keywords.

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Step Two :

Get On-point SEO Suggestions


SEO is messy and confusing, and most of us don’t even know where to start. SEOPressor solves this by providing you with systemized, prioritized and actionable suggestions so you know exactly what to do next.

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Step Three :

Include SemantiQ ™ LSI Keywords


SEOPressor measures your website’s semantic quality with its own proprietary formula named SemantiQ™ Engine. Through calculating and measuring your website’s data, it is able to suggest how to strengthen your contextual signal for precise search engine interpretation.

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Step Four :

Maximize Machine Readability


Defining the markup of your website clearly will enable search engines to categorize your website accurately. With better categorization, your website will be able to achieve better search ranking in the age of Internet of Things (IoT).

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Step Five :

Crush The Competition


Maximum WordPress SEO control.

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Newly Improved Features For Your Evolving SEO Needs

At SEOPressor, we understand that SEO is an ever-changing landscape, and so does your SEO needs. That’s why we came up with an entirely new set of improved features to immediately get you started with what’s currently working:


Multiple Keywords Analysis

SEOPressor optimize your content for not just one, not just two, but three keywords!

XML Sitemap Generator

Added by popular demand. Skip that additional plugin and take full SEO control with just SEOPressor.

SEOPressor Over Optimization Check

SEOPressor make sure you don’t over optimize your contents. Say goodbye to Google Penalty!

Canonical Link

SEOPressor now comes with the flexibility to setup canonical link. Hello, healthy internal link profile.

Progressive LSI Keywords Engine

Enhanced Progressive LSI Keywords Engine powered by LSIGraph. Untap the power of semantic keywords today.

301 URL Redirect

Snap! A broken page? Just redirect the traffic with our newly added URL redirect feature.

SemantiQ Density

Stands for “Semantic Quality Density”, designed to tell if your content is semantically related to your keywords.

On Page Robot Rules

Need to no-index an internal page? You can now do that easily with SEOPressor Robot Rules feature.

Schema and Dublin Core

We now support both Dublin Core and Schema markup. Improve your webpage’s structured data starting today.

SEOPressor Site Audit

On-page SEO is not complete without a healthy domain, make sure that’s also in checked with our Site Audit.

SEOPressor Local SEO

You can now setup local SEO for your local business and maximize your exposure for local searches.

SEO Trends

SEO Trends helps you to keep track and informs you if your website is progressively improving or not.

Google Knowledge Graph

SEOPressor gets you ready for Google Knowledge Graph. Getting into Knowledge Graph is now possible!

SEOPressor Score Manager

Have hundreds of post? Make sure they are all optimized with SEOPressor Score Manager.

Homepage Settings

Homepage is arguably the most important page of a website. You can now optimize it the way your post do!

link manager

SEOPressor Smart Link Manager

SEOPressor Link Manager ensure you a perfectly healthy site wide link profile, no more broken links!

On Page META Settings

On Page META Settings

Our improved settings now comes with monitoring function to guide you on writing the best meta tags.

Sitewide Link Policy

Sitewide Link Policy

Take full control of your outbound link’s behavior. Minimize that link juice leakage!

Facebook OpenGraph

Our newly enhanced Social SEO now gives more OpenGraph customizability. Share it the way you like it!

Automatic Smart Linking

Automatic Smart Linking

Effortlessly link keywords in all of your articles through one setting page. Now that’s smart!

Twitter Card

Twitter Card

Together with Facebook OpenGraph, we’ve also expanded Twitter Card to support more customizability.

SEOPressor Role Settings

SEOPressor Role Settings

SEOPressor Role Settings enables you to grant, limit, or revoke a specific user’s access to SEOPressor.


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