Getting Around The Control Panel Functions

Getting Around The Web Hosting Control Panel

Duration: 8 Minute Video Screen Capture

Description: Watch this video and see all of the places you can control your site. This easy to use web application gives you complete control over your online business. Manage email accounts, domains, databases, and other settings with some simple clicks.

Usernames and Passwords

When you create a hosting account, a U: and P: are automatically created and sent to you via email.

The web hosting control panel logins are different than the U: and P: used to login to this site and open videos etc.

Login to your control panel by adding /cpanel/ to the end of the main domain that you used when you created your web hosting account. For eg. would open up my daughter Kayla’s hosting control panel.

If you forget your username it ususally uses the first 7 letters of the domain name.. for example my username is “ikickli”.


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