WordPress Install Options

Here are your options for installing WordPress:

The original videos in this series included a complete step by step manual install of the WordPress software on your web hosting account.

But... I removed them!

A partial list of the steps required for a manual install isn’t for the faint of heart and does require some technical confidence.

A manual WordPress install requires things like:
Downloading the WordPress Software from http://www.wordpress.org
Unzip the WordPress Software on your local PC
Registering a Domain Name
Opening a regular old style hosting account
Knowing how to use cPanel
Downloading and using FTP software
Creating MySQL databases and user….

You get the picture!

Description: Manual or Automatic installs are available at WPBlogSupport.  Login into your Members area and then select cPanel Login from your Hosting Services

Details This video removes all of the above manual steps so you can use the Software Installer that is built in to your account.

Decide WHERE/WHAT domain and URL that you want WordPress to work on
Confirm that you’ve created any addon or subdomains for installation before using the WordPress Installer
I’ve made this session as simple and straight forward to explain the differences and which choice is best for someone who isn’t a technical expert.

If you have had to pay a webmaster or other hired gun in the past to add new websites to your online business watching this video will give you a new found confidence that can translate into instant time and money savings.

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