Jan 28th SRV 10 and SRV1 Clients are On New Hardware!!!

We've completed the upgrade to brand new Server Hardware for hosting clients on SRV1 and SRV11!   The only thing that has changed for you (other than a faster WordPress site) is Your sites IP address. Upgrades on each server include faster CPU's, Faster SolidState Drives, and wayyyy more memory.If you have any questions at all just open a ticket ... Read More »

Sep 12th Hotmail is Blocking Emails

There is current an issue with hotmail.com emails not being delivered from account hosted with us.

The Datacenter is working on a fix and we'll update you as soon as we have more information.

Sep 7th Server Software Upgrade Scheduled

PHP and mySQL Software Updates This weekend, September 10th and 11th we'll be upgrading our network of servers to the latest stable builds of PHP and mySQl. You may be asking... What does this mean to me?   Will it affect my WordPress Site or Sites? The quick answer is yes it will affect you ONLY if we host your WordPress site.   They ... Read More »

Aug 29th WPBlog Support Tickets and Emails Fixed.

We get frustrated too! As much as I'd like to say there are never any WordPress issues at WPBlogSupport.com  I'd be lying.   We run into many of the same issues you do running a WordPress Powered Business. Last week was no different. The good news was that it wasn't WordPress related but it's still a good example of what can happen when ... Read More »

Aug 26th WordPress Support by Email Available Again

Support is available by email again!Starting last weekend we had troubles with our WordPress Support by Email service.   Normally you can just send an email to support at wpblogsupport.com or help at wpblogsupport.com and our Billing and Support would grab the email and create a ticket in our help desk.This last part wasn't happening!We've ... Read More »

Aug 24th Help at WPBlogSupport.com tickets Almost Fixed!

Just wanted to update you what's happening with the WordPress Support service via email.Normally you are able to send an email to help@wpblogsupport.com and that email gets added as a new ticket or reply to an existing ticket in the Blog Support Helpdesk Software.   Right now your emails are being recieved.... But becuase of an issue with ... Read More »

Aug 23rd Your Email Support Tickets Didn't Get Added To Our HelpDesk!

Sorry to anyone who created o rreplied to a support ticket during the last couple of days.   They didn't make it to the helpdesk!Argh... were sorry about the issue we're workiing on them now and will update you with in the next 4-8 hours as we get caught up.You don''t have to resumit the request - we have it but just not in the members are yet. Read More »

Jul 11th PHP and mySQL software upgrades

All WPonlyhost.com servers will be undergoing PHP and mySQL software updates the week of July 11, 2016.   The software updates will be done during the early hours of each morning and may result in your site being unavailble for 15-30 minutes.   We're doing the updates to ensure that all our machines are running the latest stable release of PHP ... Read More »

May 26th No New Emails In My INBOX

There is an issue Level 3 communitcations which is a large Internet Backbone service and inbound email.   At present customers who are being served by Level3 are not getting email outed to to the mailservers.    Level 3 is aware of the problem and our technicians are working as closely with them to get things fixed up.I apologize ... Read More »

May 20th Tickets By Email

If you opened or replied to a support ticket by email this week.... we probably didn't get the message!    Sorry by the email import function in our HelpDesk Software was on the fritz and if you opened a new ticket by email or replied to a ticket by email your account wasn't being updated.    We're working with the software provider to get ... Read More »

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