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The Only Website Builder You’ll (Probably) Ever Need

By James Maduk | May 29, 2018

In business? A website is a must have asset. It’s where potential clients will find and get to know you. It’s the first place referrals will turn to learn more about you. It’s where you’ll sell your products and services, invite contact requests, brand yourself in your niche, and show off what you know. It … Read more

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3 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Tiny List

By James Maduk | May 11, 2018

Got a tiny list? You͛re not alone. In fact, every single one of the most successful, ͞have it all͟ entrepreneurs once had a tiny list. Marie Forleo, Carrie Wilkerson, Denise Duffield-Thomas—they all begin with a single subscriber, just like you did. But they didn͛t let it hold them back. They didn͛t commit any of the … Read more

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Sales Funnel Sequence Profits (Even With A Tiny List)

By James Maduk | May 10, 2018

Struggling to keep in touch with your growing mailing list? It͛s a common issue. After all, you have all kinds of other business tasks to do. You have to create new products and programs, manage your social media accounts, write new blog posts, record webinars, and coach your clients. With all that going on, finding … Read more

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Turn Tiny Lists Into Big Sales

By James Maduk | May 9, 2018

Want to know what͛s more important than a great big mailing list? The relationship you have with them. It͛s true. You can have 100,000 people on your list, but if they don͛t know you, and worse, if they don͛t trust you, then that great big list is worth next to nothing. Internet marketing expert Connie … Read more

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7 Ways To Make Sales…No List Required

By James Maduk | May 8, 2018

Think you can͛t hope to make sales simply because you have no list to promote to? This kind of self-sabotaging thought is what holds many promising coaches and entrepreneurs back from creating great things. They believe that without a ready-made audience, there͛s no hope for sales, and therefore, what͛s the point? But the truth is, … Read more

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3 Tactics To Implement While Your List Is Still Small

By James Maduk | May 7, 2018

No one opens up their brand new email management system and sees thousands of prospects from day one. We all start with a single subscriber, and we grow our list from there. But what you do while your list is growing is critical to your future success. It’s never too early to start promoting. This … Read more

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What Your Potential Clients Wish You Knew

By James Maduk | Apr 26, 2018

Give Your Customers What They Know They Want Your market is out there, and they are looking for you! It doesn’t matter what kind of expert you are.  Whether it’s a health coach for seniors, a dating coach for middle-aged women, or a business coach for crafty people. You have a large audience, and they … Read more

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Avatars – How Well Do You Really Know Your Ideal Client?

By James Maduk | Apr 24, 2018

Create an ideal client avatar We’ve all done the exercise. It’s the first thing you’re taught when you first start your business: This vision of your ideal client guides everything you do, including pricing (you can’t charge that single mom as much as you can the CEO of a Fortune 500 company), pain points (mom … Read more

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How to Identify Your IDEAL Client

By James Maduk | Apr 23, 2018

Do You Really Know Who To Sell – And What Your Customer Want To Buy? If there’s one mistake that new—and sometimes even established— online course seller make, it’s this: failing to develop a clear vision of who is going to buy their course and why they are going to buy it. Too often we … Read more

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