Better Affiliate Tracking and Reporting

How Effective Are Your Affiliates?

First I’m assuming that you have an affiliate tracking software and second you’re recruiting and training your own affiliates to promote your business in exchange for a commission or referral fee…

Affiliates and Join Ventures can be a very effective way to create and target the right traffic.   In fact it’s what I recommend Blog owners start with!

One of our preferred Affiliate Tracking solutions is AffiliateWP.  It’s from the same crew that publishes the Easy Digital Download cart/plugins.

Affiliate Tracking Updates and Enhancements

The new features highlighted above are awesome, but there are numerous other enhancements included!

Here’ some quick changes:

Screen Options tab now includes options to show or hide columns on Affiliates, Referrals, Visits, Creatives, and Payouts screens

New object models for each of the core data types. These provide developers with easy, reliable ways to interact with AffiliateWP data programmatically

Significant performance improvements through new caching layers

New base class for list tables to provide developers with an easy way to add new list tables for affiliate data

New base class for meta boxes to provide developers with an easy way to register new meta boxes on AffiliateWP screens

License keys can now be entered through a constant in wp-config.php

Improved column names and layouts for Affiliates table

Improved accessibility throughout

Better license activation process that includes success and error messages

Improved URL validation on affiliate registration form

Improved URL validation on referral URL generator

Affiliates’ first and last names now included in CSV export file

[affiliate_referral_url] now defaults to showing the current page’s URL.

Here’ the main changes that we’ve started to using:

Reporting.  Keeping an eye on your affiliates’ performance is mandatory for running a top-notch affiliate program. In 1.9 we have made several substantial improvements to the Reports page.

We also have a new Campaigns report that will show the top-performing campaigns and the associated visit stats.


Our WooCommerce integration is one of the more robust integrations we offer and today it has been made even better! Per-product rates have been supported for a while but that wasn’t sufficient for many store owners who also needed per-variation control. With 1.9, referral rates can now be set on a per-product and per-variation level. This means that each variation on a product can have its own referral rate!

Each variation also now includes an option to disable referrals completely for that variation.

Payout logs

One of the most important parts of running a successful affiliate program is paying your valuable affiliates. In AffiliateWP 1.9 we have added a new Payouts screen that displays a log of every payout sent to affiliates.


AffiliateWP helps keep site managers and affiliates informed by sending emails when certain events occur, such as new registrations or earned commissions. In 1.9 we have added several new template tags to emails, allowing site administrators to send better emails.

{landing_page} – This tag is designed to be used in the New Referral alert email and will show the page of the site the customer first landed on before making a purchase.

{referral_rate} – This tag can be used in both New Referral alert and Affiliate Welcome emails, and will show the referral rate the affiliate currently has for their account.

{review_url} – This tag is designed to be used for the New Account Registration email sent to site administrators. It will show a direct URL to the affiliate’s review screen, letting site admins more rapidly moderate affiliate account registrations.

Getting Started With AffiliateWP

We’ve been building WordPress Affiliate Programs for 18 years now and this is just another great update from the crew at Affiliate WP.

At this point if you want to earn money either by using this plugin on your site or  referring traffic to our sites you have a couple of options.

Pickup the latest version of AffiliateWP here?

Have the team at WPBlogSupport create install and setup AffiliateWP for you.

Learn How To Use AffiliateWP and Start Selling With Affiliates.

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