OCC-14: Billing and Membership Software

Open Coaching Call WebCast October 18/04

: Whiteboard and Audio Session
: Listen To The Whiteboard Audio Portion Now  (Support)

Duration: 110 Minutes

Description: Archived Copy Of Open Virtual Seminar On October 18th, 2004

This was an open Virtual Seminar.  We covered a lot of ground, including affiliates, niche markets, business models, billing and membership software… You get the picture.  Use the slider in Real Player to move forward to the appropriate part for you.  You many also just want to listen to the audio in the background.

OCC-13: Event Marketing

Open Coaching Call – TeleClasses and WebCasting

: Open Coaching Call Nov 17th, 2004

Running Time: 80 Minutes

Description: I answered a number of questions from the participants live during the call.  The two main topics, were focused on the www.easywebcast.com service and how to leverage events by turning them into products.   We also covered some audio capture questions, and discussed a number of ways to distribute the audio assets after the event.

OCC-11: Multimedia Encoding

Open Coaching Call – Nov 24, 2004

: Listen To The Audio Portion Now

Running Time: 60 Minutes

This 60 minute call is an archived copy of the weekly Open calls available to paying members. Members phone in and ask questions specific to their unique situation. Today’s questions cover product creation. The biggest problem many marketers face is deciding how to enocode or transform their original digital media into a format that can be distributed to their customers.

  • How small does the file actually have to be?
  • What is the best way to distribute?
  • What are the problems associated with each format?

Listen in and find out!

OCC-10: Web Site Critique

Web Site Critique


: Audio Session — Support

Duration: 90 Minutes

Description: Listen in to this session as we critique one of the members sites.   Many coaches, consultants and professional suffer from a common web problem.

Too many areas of expertise.

How can a single web site server 4 masters?  listen in on this session and find out the right way to cover all your bases and how your intuition may no serve you well.